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New Horizons Computer Learning Centers of Kuantan is part of the global network of New Horizons , consisting of  more than 250 training centers in 45 countries. Jointly, New Horizons Computer Learning Centers  trains more than 2 millions students per year, offers more courses at more locations than any other computer training company  making it the largest independent IT Training Computer worldwide

New Horizons learning has grown to become  more than just a series of  classroom trainings. Its integrated training solutions have been designed to maximize the benefits of classroom and online training to create a comprehensive learning experience.

New Horizons Kuantan provides real-world training that delivers real results through:-

  • Instructor-led  training (ILT)
  • Online Learning
  • Integrated Learning

Some of the courses offered:



Office Productivity: Microsoft Office Pack, Lotus Smart Suit, Adope Acrobat and more

Arts & Design: Graphics, design and media courses from Adobe, Macromedia, Microsoft.and more

Multimedia & Web Development: Courses from Adobe, Macromedia, Microsoft.and more




Network & Operating System: Server and operating system courses from Microsoft, Novel, Linux , Cisco, CompTIA Certification and more (MCSA, MCSE, A+, iNet+, etc)


Programming & Web Development: Web application, script and relational database courses. (Java, VB, VB NET, Microsoft SQL server, AP, HTML, XML etc)





Basic Business Skills: Communication Skills, Business Writing Skills, Time Management, Presentation Skills and more.

Business Skills: Excellence Customer Service, Effective Sales & marketing Skills, Supervisory Skills

Group Dynamics: Motivation , Team Building, Teamwork, positive work attitude

Management and Leadership Skills: Managing Performance, Change Management, Financial Management for Non-Finance Managers, Project Management Fundamentals

Compliance: , Labour Law, Occupational Safety, OSHA Compliance Regulation and Standard, Accident Investigation and Risk Management.



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